2010 Mercedes SLS 63 Supersport from Kicherer

Mercedes came out with the SLS AMG in response to McLaren’s MP4-12C. The MP4-12C though has a bit more of power than the SLS AMG and while Mercedes were contemplating whether to do something in this aspect a German tuning company by name of Kicherer came up with a project doing just that. In collaboration with KW Automotive they have developed the Mercedes SLS 63 Supersport model that boasts of greater aerodynamics and performance features.

The standard SLS AMG model car develops 571 HP. The SLS 63 Supersport version in its turn develops 610 hp and 670 Nm torque. Stainless steel exhaust system along with a performance optimization package has helped the car in achieving this increased power features. The sport chassis has also been given a nice lift and there is an increase of 30 mm in the car’s height. Nasty bumps now are not a worrisome cause anymore while driving this car. There is also the feature of being able to lower the chassis by the touch of a button. Meant for parking or sliding through the garage space.

Front spoiler lip made of carbon and diffuser fins also of carbon make up for the aerodynamic features of the package. For wheels the package offers forged wheels and carbon make up for the interior as well.

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