2011 Chevrolet Corvette mimics a ‘Rocket’

The promo for the 2011 Chevy Corvette depicts the car as one from the space race that was witnessed during the 1960s. This promo has a close resemblance to the Jeeps Grand Cherokee Manifesto ad spot essence. The 2011 Corvette with its ZR1 feature is indeed a very brilliant concept but seems to lack in context to an extent.

The rocket type of flavor that the ad presents smacks of the “America was once awesome, but now it needs a kick in the pants” theme. This theme was once a very brand new and effective one but now is quite outdated. Showing the ZR1 as the main spot while this is the costlier and limited version against the Grand Sport, Coupe, and Z06 which have not been shown needs re-consideration.

The ad has also taken on the government policy for going slow on space funding. This is not an issue as far as the car manufacturing process goes. In addition GM themselves appear to have missed out the fact regarding their loan of 50 billion from the Government. Only 7 percent has been paid back till and the balance 40 billion transferred as equity in the company. This loan could have been used for space program funding by the government is what GM appears to miss out on.

The corvette could be a car with a Loud V8 engine and a high speed car like an American super car. So the ad should rather have concentrated on the car rather than the rocket.

Source: motorauthority

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