September 23, 2014


Mini and Jerome Griffith, CEO of luggage label TUMI have unveiled in Beijing, China, earlier this month, a special car developed specially for the Chinese market.

This new model is called the “Mini goes Tumi” and will combine design, along with art and technology. It seems the concept will be offered in two versions: one painted in Black (or Alpha) and the other one painted in classic Hunter Green (or Alpha Brave).

You might say this is just another art-meets-technology creation, but the truth is it is more than that. It used to further explore Tumi’s potential and thus increase the brand’s awareness. MINI goes Tumi will travel around the world during the coming year in order to serve as inspiration for potential partnerships in the near future.

Of course, not just the exterior that received a special note, as all aspects of the cars have been reworked. Custom Tumi fabrics were used inside, while a matching sets of luggage has been created specially for the occasion. The result, as you can see, is not bad at all, and Tumi has all the chances to achieve its goal. 

Even if the concept cars will be on tour world-wide during the coming year, there’s been no word as to if the concept will be put into production.

Source: Freshnessmag


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