2012 BMW M3 CRT


The BMW M3 CRT is one of the best fair-priced sedans on the market. The Bavarian car manufacturer will release the 2012 model, but they will only build around 67 units of it.

The new model will, of course have the luxury that the M3 series usually does, plus the all-new 4.4 L 32 valve M-Double Vanos engine, capable of producing more horsepower (450) than before.

The 2012 BMW M3 will make 0-60 in 4.4 seconds, which is pretty good for a sedan. This kind of performance runs against the ones of the Mercedes C63 AMG and the Cadillac CTS-V sedan, which are both more powerful.

Important things to be said about this vehicle are the fact that it’s the first ever vehicle to feature the Reprocessed Carbon-fiber reinforced plastic, the fact that it’s lighter, more powerful and faster than the previous model, and the new individual rear seats.

Interesting is the fact that now units will be available in the U.S. Although this car is an acceptable choice for anyone who wants to buy a fine sedan and has $185,000 at hand, the competition presents, in my opinion, a better case and I would advise them to think twice before settling with the 2012 BMW M3 CRT.2012 BMW M3 CRT Sport Car Dashboard 2012 BMW M3 CRT

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