September 16, 2014


Well known designer RM Design has recently envisioned the Infiniti Q30 concept as a production model.

Infiniti had unveiled the Q30 concept just a couple of months ago at IAA in Frankfurt when they said that a production model is scheduled for a market release in the year 2015. But now RM Design has decided not to wait for so long and so went on to create a possible look for Infiniti’s upcoming compact model which will be manufactured at Nissan’s factory located in Sunderland in United Kingdom.

Aimed to appeal the younger crowd and so most likely we can expect it to be Infiniti’s most affordable model. In terms of design, we can expect to see a toned down version of the concept that is set to take on premium models in this segment such as the BMW 1-Series and the Mercedes-Benz A-Class. Various reports indicate that the 2015 Q30 will adopt a three-way adjustable ride height system but the same has not been confirmed yet by either Nissan or Infiniti.

Infiniti has plans to sell around 60,000 units of their upcoming entry-level model.


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