September 23, 2014


Not only that Toyota needs to deal with the massive flood in Thailand which is affecting production, and has as a result the drop of their originalsales target for the year, now it has another serious problem to cope with.

A massive recall affection 550,000 models has just been announced, and it’s the biggest one they’ve had to deal with in the past eight months.

Even though the recall is global, 80 percent of the cars affected are in the U.S., and as part of the voluntary procedure, the Japanese automaker will replace a crankshaft pulley for modes equipped with V6 engines.

“If this condition is not corrected, the belt for the power steering pump may become detached from the pulley and the driver may notice a sudden increase in steering effort,” Toyota said.

The affected cars are the 2004 Avalon, the 2004 and 2005 Camry and 2006 Highlander HV. Under the Lexus brand, the 2004 and 2005 ES330, the RX330 and the 2006 RX400h all have the same flaw.

Thankfuly, no accidents have been reported as a result of the flaw, and the notifications to owners will start being issued in early January 2012. To find out if your car potentially has this fault, please visit or call the Toyota Customer Experience Center (1 800-331-4331). If you’re a Lexus owner, visit or call Lexus Customer Satisfaction (1 800-255-3987).

The saddest part is that things aren’t going well for Tooyota at all, we sure do hope it doesn’t keepfalling further behind in the market.

Source: AutoEvolution

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