September 18, 2014


ABT stands for “Auto-by-tel”, R8 is one of the version of Audi. The ABT Audi R8 is a mid-engine car,2-seater sports car,that uses Audi’s trademark quattropermanent all-wheel drive system and introduced by the German automaker Audi AG in 2006.The Abt Audi R8 is a outstanding super sports cars and its ready to overtake them in the prestige duel.
The dream car rises from zero to hundred km/h in 3.9 seconds,200km in 9.9 sec and reaches a speed of three hundred and seventeen km/h,its engine speed is 530HP,its millage is 4.2kilometer per liter.Its height is 1249mm and manufactured by quattro GmbH with 2 doors, suspension is adjustable in height and pressure, performance and driving comfort is good for driver, it uses petrol as its fuel, suspension are adjustable, the car is available in both light and dark colours, pure carbon fiber are in rear wing and in rear aero diffuser,the front spoiler rocker sill, side skirts ,fender mount air intakes are fabiricated by pure carbon fiber.

It has a powerful headlights, it has high grip tyres, lambo doors are use in this model in china, ER-F forged wheels are used, rollover cage and 4-point safety belts are used for safety purposes,front splitter is adjustable in this model.

ABT Sportsline , Audi

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