September 30, 2014

We won’t have to wait long for the release of the Audi RS as the Ingolstadt based luxury car maker plans to launch this all new hatchback at the Paris Motor Show by the end of September. And this car will be jointly released with the concept version of the future boy – the Q3 SUV.

But as we hear good news, a bad news came lining up, the company has decided to produce just 2,700 units of the RS3. And upon this we are still in a fix and confusion that, with such low numbers of production how many of these would be seen zooming on the other side of the Atlantic. But whatsoever it may be, whether we get this car or not, but Audi has confidently proclaimed that the A3 sedan would be coming over and soon these days they even made some plans to bless the Americans with the TT-RS, so it definitely seems that the Americans have some high brands and cars in comparison with the hatchback’s overseas dream.

And now for the speed and the engine, the Audi RS3 is given its power through a 2.5 liter, 5-cylinder turbocharged engine which is said to have been combined with the Quattro all wheel drive system. Power output from the 5 cylinder engine is likely to be 335 HP. And we have also heard some news flying around that the RS3 will be given an all new chassis.

Source: topspeed

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