September 18, 2014

China has become the third biggest market of luxury car maker Bentley as of 2009. China overtook Germany and Japan according to the director of Chinese operations of Bentley.

Reports also say that Bentley is aiming to sell 1,000 units annually to their market in China by 2014. The car manufacturer is planning to introduce new products to China to meet this goal. The lineup will include their latest flagship vehicle, the Mulsanne that was recently showcased at the Beijing motor show. The other vehicles will be the Ultimate series of Continental GT, Continental Flying Spur Speed China, and the convertible Continental Supersports.

Bentley is also planning to expand their dealerships across China. As of now they have 9 branches and they are looking to have 24 by 2015. This year there will be Bentley dealerships in Shenyang, XXiamen, Tianjin, and Kunming. By 2011, biofuels will be filling up the tank of 80% of their lineup. Come 2012, they expect their vehicles to run on more eco-friendly and more efficient biofuels.

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