September 16, 2014

$1.5 million Custom Ferrari Enzo Crashes into Atlantic Ocean - 2

Last month we showed you a Ferrari 599 GTO which ended up in a ditch in Czech Republic. Well, before that a half-million-dollar Ferrari F40 was destroyed In Houston, Texas. The bad news keep coming considering that a ultra-rare custom Ferrari Enzo (Edo Enzo XX) crashed into the Atlantic Ocean yesterday while it was competing in the Targa Newfoundland.

This beauty was being driven by Zahir Rana (the owner of the ZR Auto exotic car dealership in Canada) in a stage of the 1,300-mile Targa Newfoundland rally race when it crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, according to photographer Mike Boldt. The local reports say that Rana and his co-driver were not injured in accident. As for the car… it isn’t destroyed, just a little waterlogged with a cracked headlight and a few other minor issues.

According to Jalopnik, this custom Ferrari produces 840 hp and can run to 62 mph in just 3.2 seconds with a top speed of over 240 mph. It seems that Zahir Rana has pushed his cars before and it’s a race, so speed was potentially a factor in this crash.

Photo credit: Andrew Pawliuk/ via Jalopnik

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