October 2, 2014


Chevrolet being an all-American brand, is spread widely across the world. There might be number of cars sold in a country that might not available in another country which might interest US Customers in a big way.

This is the reason why no less than five global models will be on show at Chevrolet’s North American Auto stand. These include the new Trax crossover which is essentially the same thing as the Buick Encore, the Orlando 7-seater van sold in Canada, the Sail sedan from China, the Onix hatch from Brazil and also the Spin compact minivan.

Of the above ones, the Trax is the only one that would be on sale in America, since all smaller models didn’t have the design which would entail strict safety legislation

Plenty of information, data and updates about the models would be out for grabs at the Detroit Auto show. Wait and Watch is what we can do right now.

So stay tuned and enjoy clicking the pictures.


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