September 23, 2014

2011 Mustang BOSS 302

Almost a year ago the American car maker Ford promised its Mustang Boss 302 customers that their vehicle was perfect for both the street and the track, and that the TracKey is that special key that activates the software that unleashes the racing side of the car. As expected, many Mustang’s owners have been fascinated by the idea that they could have a sporty and racing car, incorporated in a singular vehicle.

This sounds great, but have you tried to go out and buy a Trackey? You simply can’t! Why? The problem is that California decided to over analyze Ford’s development.

This inovative system relies on special software installed by dealers that changes more than more than 200 engine parameters (if you use the red key), this way the 302 Boss becoming a racing beast. On the other hand, if you take the normal key, the car will be focused on everyday drivability, coming with the standard setup, which offers 444 hp.

Well, being an add-on part that affects engine emissions, Ford needed to have Trackey approved by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). According to Jalopnik, Ford has not yet managed to pass the exam and is obvious that until they will fulfill all legal conditions, Ford won’t be able to deliver any TracKeys to Boss 302 owners.

This awkward situation has made Boss 302 owners very angry, causing them to release a Hitler video about the matter and you can see the result below.

Source: Jalopnik
Photo Source: aAutomotive Addicts

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