September 23, 2014

Quattroporte from Maserati is one of the most gorgeous looking vehicle in the sports saloon segment. It arrived in the field much before designers at Porsche were trying their wit to modify the Beetle into a five door liftback model. The Quattroporte S has a 430 Hp engine and the Sport GT S has a 440 HP engine powering it. Both are sufficient enough as far as power goes, yet Novitec the German tuner who works on anything Italian has made up some packages that upgrade the performance of both these models.

The 4.7 liter V8 engine fitted on the Quattroporte has been installed with a supercharger added with a water-to-air intercooler.

Novitec have also modified the intake manifold and fitted larger fuel injectors. The ECU has been recalibrated and this is to cater for the electronics of the car. The power output for both the Quattroporte S and Sport GT S is lifted to 590HP at 7,300 rpm. Torque factor has also gone up from 490Nm to 572Nm / 421.9 lb-ft.

The car’s acceleration details have taken a rise as well so that it can breach the 100 kmph or 62 mph mark from standing still in 4.6 seconds flat. This is an improvement over the previous records that the previous readings of the Sports GTS by 0.5 seconds and 0.8 seconds over the S model. In case of the Quattroporte, the car post tuning does 0 to 200 kmph that is 124 mph in 14.9 seconds and the new top speed of the car is 295km/h which translates to about 183mph.

For improved handling of the car, Novitec have given electronically controlled sports suspension. This makes for continuous adjustment of the height and also has multiple settings to cater for compression and rebound. The wheels are made of alloy with five double spokes which are mounted on Pirelli P Zero high performance tires. The size of front wheels are 255/30 ZR 21 and the rear ones are 295/30 ZR 21.

The exterior package for looks has a discreet boot lid spoiler which has been made from clear-coated carbon fiber. The interior too has an option of either special leather or Alcantara trim, for one and then other similar make ups.

Source: carscoop

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