September 17, 2014

The Audi A6 is the upcoming wonder car from the German Manufacturers Audi. But every time they come up with something surprising and this time is no exception as well. We are hearing rumors doing the rounds that Audi is already thinking of producing other variants of the luxury sedan as well. Like the convention followed by Audi the A6 model will be obviously be followed up by the S model and then the Renn Sport i.e. RS model. Hence we may conclude that the rumors are not just rumors but are somewhat true as well. We are also hearing the fact that the RS version is slated for a 2013 release, which is only about two years from now. But many hard core fans of the Audi Group are unwilling to wait that long for the car to be revealed and are waiting eagerly for the car.

Now let’s come to the point at how the company will change the A6 and transform it into the RS6 version. The car will undergo some major exterior up gradations influenced by the brand new A7 Sport back edition from the company. The interiors will also undergo a change and will be clad in top notch materials. Audi will do whatever that is required to make the Renn Sport edition perfect. The Audi RS6 sports sedan will be manufactured based on the new MLP platform. This platform has been designed to give the car a better weight distribution. This platform thus in turn will help reduce the total weight of the car by a massive 220 lbs (approx). This reduction is weight will in turn effectively enhance the performance of the car as well.

The V10 engine from the Audi A6 edition will be scrapped for the RS 6 version and a brand new twin turbo 4 liter V8 engine will be installed in the car. The performance of the car though will remain the same as given by its predecessor. We eagerly await the release of more specifications on the car like many other car lovers as well.

Source: topspeed

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