September 23, 2014

The upcoming 2011 model of the Audi A7 was seen doing some rounds at the Nurburgring. This is the first time that auto spies spotted the new Audi under heavy camouflage speeding around the track.

The car in photo is practically the production unit of the Audi concept A7 Sportback which was foreseen as a good alternative for the Audi A8. The concept car features a low roofline, dramatic styling, and rear hatch. The test mule seen by the carparrazis was heavily wrapped with camouflage panels but it was easily identified because the A7 was previously caught undisguised.

The new A7 will most likely be fitted with the following engine options: supercharged V6 with 3.0L displacement that is capable of giving out 268 horsepower; V8 4.2L with 250 hp; and a 350 hp 4.2L TDI. There could be a petrol V8 that is turbocharged but this is not confirmed yet.

The Audi A7 might be officially unveiled during the Paris Motor Show or at the Moscow Auto Salon.

Photos courtesy of PistonSpy.

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