September 22, 2014


No, not just England enjoys a very vibrant scene of small sports car manufacturer, was also in Germany in recent years to establish a colorful dance exotic brands that offer fascinating cars beyond the ready-made clothing. At the sounding name include Wiesmann , Artega and Gumpert . From 2012 to Roding is to join this elite circle. Based in the Bavarian car manufacturer wants to design a strong, lightweight and sophisticated BMW-power points.

About her first work, the Roding Roadster was already reported in the past few months much longer times are mainly driven prototypes at the Nurburgring before the lenses of Autorazzis. The initial development vehicles have left a still very provisional impression and the Will-have-factor of the quirky-looking technology support with Lego flavor was rather low. But younger prototype photos and a sketch of the final design has now been published raising hope that the Roding Roadster could be a very large optical litter.

The little man is pleasantly straightforward flat-edged like a classic mid-engine sports car are therefore, be independent, crisp, lane oriented and elegant. In addition, the design of the body awakens hopes on a particularly enjoyable dynamic level. Thanks to a predominantly made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic outer skin and bodywork made to bring the two-seater that is modest 950 kilograms on the scales.

Take it easy

The lightweight material to provide even more in return for a very rigid construction – an important element for precise and snappy handling. And, although it is at the Roding is an open design, the removable and stowable spontaneously fixed roof also allows for the purist sports cars coveted fresh air enjoyment.

The drive of the Roding Roadster also promises great cinema. The Mittelmotorflunder to be powered by an inline six-cylinder engine from BMW, who heads its 320 hp and 450 Nm of torque to the rear wheels alone. Given this power and the drive layout should prepare the Roding its occupants so much joy.

Exclusive Start-Edition

However, the pleasure is not exactly cheap. In the spring of 2012 in the Upper Palatinate Roding-based company will initially launch the construction of a limited edition of 23 copies starting Edition. The unit price of those with high-quality racing components and a lot of sight carbon version are blessed at 155,000 euros. The official debut of the Roadster by the way 23 March 2011 at the Geneva Motor Show will celebrate the first vehicle to be shipped out in the following May.

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