September 23, 2014

The 2011 6-Series from BMW is set to reach dealerships before the end of 2010 at the earliest since the current version had a facelift about a year or so ago.

The prototype of the new BMW 6-Series though has been seen around Europe’s testing grounds near the carmaker’s headquarters in Munich. We posted here the some shots of the 2011 BMW 6-Series Convertible prototype braving the cold weather of Northern Europe.

The current 6-Series has been a raking in some money for BMW with sales figures hitting 20,000 cars every year. The spy shots all over the internet now show a cooler and more aggressive design for the BMW convertible. The 6-Series convertible will also have a longer wheelbase.

Some people who were able to come close to the BMW convertible prototype say that the soft top may be the real deal and there will be no hard top to expect.

There are speculations, too, that BMW will inject a luxury GT version and a sports variant to the market of the 6-Series. Other details known to us are the paddle shifters to control the car’s 8-speed automatic setup.

BMW , Spy photos

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