September 18, 2014

Spy Shots Cadillac/Buick/Other Car

It seems that a new, mysterious car is tested, but is very hard to identify. Below you can see the pictures that Carscoop published on their web site. These shots of an identical pair of camouflaged prototype sedans at a tollbooth in Ohio were taken by a Carscoop reader, who prefers to remain anonymous.

Because these photos were shot from a distance with a cell phone camera, it’s really difficult to tell the brand and make of the vehicles. The photographer said that the front end looked like a Cadillac but the rest of the car reminded him of a Buick, and we’ll agree with him.

If we compare these pitures with some archive pictures of Cadillac’s upcoming BMW 3-Series competitor, the ATS sports sedan, these here prototypes, sure look similar.

The spy contributor said about his encounter with the two models:
“I initially thought these were Cadillacs but the taillights seemed more rounded than vertical and the emblems gave nothing away. Even that big circle in the middle of the grille, really looked like a Cad, but then again, recent Buick emblems have gotten pretty big, too. I’m a real car geek and I was really trying to take a good look but I’m still baffled.

I was in my tollbooth at the turnpike and my suspicion is that they were taking them to Goodyear, about a 15-minute drive away in Akron. I’m new to that toll gate but I was told that mules are always passing through. They were held up by someone ahead of them who lost their ticket and I was quick enough with my phone.”

Source: Carscoop

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