October 1, 2014

print screen from the video - Porsche 991

Here you can see the new 991 spied. Some time ago we showed you spy photos of this car, but this time we can see it almost almost absolutely no camouflage, in a video!

In this video we can see a new design details such as a new wheel design.

Porche’s next 911 (also known as 991), marks a big change in terms of size, for the iconic model. While it rides on thoroughly reworked version of the current 996/997 platform, it will be visibly larger.
This car will be unveiled this autumn at the Frankfurt auto show.The 991 gets a longer wheelbase to accommodate its airier interior and the cabin’s materials and console layout will be nicer, too, with more than a passing resemblance to the Panamera’s. It’s been already discovered the possibility of a seven-speed manual transmission.

A few weeks ago the crew at Car and Driver, who have been tagging along with Porche 991 development team in South Africa, have divulged several crucial details: Carrera S to have 400 HP, Carrera to have 350 HP, share 3.4l engine w/ Boxster S, 2 transmissions: 7-spd manual and 7-spd PDK, Launch Control available on both transmissions, 2.5 inches wider, 4 inches longer wheelbase, longer wheel base to accommodate HYBRID drivetrain in 2016 mid-cycle refresh, 12-15% improved fuel efficiency (euro cycle), electronic parking brake, full-length sunroof and 19-inch wheels standard on Carrera, 20-inch on Carrera S (20s optional on Carrera).

Overall design won’t change too much, but 991 will be 2.5 inches longer and its wheelbase will be streched by a whopping four inches.Given the next 911′s longer wheelbase, we expect a more supple ride.

You can watch the video below. Enjoy it.

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