September 20, 2014


Zenvo is a small Danish supercar manufacturer that seems to want to get in the big league, like their Swedish colleagues from Koenigsegg managed to. To this effect, they built the ST-1.

The ST-1’s power comes from a twin-charged (which means both supercharged and turbocharged) 7.0-liter V8 engine. This beast delivers 1,104 horsepower in race mode, and 1,054 lb-ft of torque. This tremendous power could make one believe that the Zenvo ST-1 is approaching Bugatti Veyron’s tail as of performance, but you’d be wrong. Granted, the ST-1 has the same acceleration as the Veyron, but the top speed stands electronically limited at 233 mph, in comparison with Bugatti’s 267 mph. Although it “only” reaches this top speed, the ST-1 is one of the very fastest cars in the world, maybe even on the podium.0

With such a power also comes a great fuel consumption, which is 14 mpg combined. Although it sounds (and is) peculiarly high, bear in mind though, that other vehicles like the 2005 Ford GT use just as much fuel, and have an engine half as powerful.

The price is a bit erratic itself: $1,225,000. With this kind of money you could buy a (slightly) used established Bugatti Veyron Grand SuperSport


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