Australia: Nine boys arrested in stolen car

9 boys aged in between 12 and 17 piled out of a taken vehicle after road spikes were laid in a low-speed quest in north Queensland in the early hrs of Thursday, cops state.

The boys are declared to have taken 2 automobiles, prior to taking them joyriding along the Bruce Highway, where passersby reported the vehicles being driven unevenly about 3.30 am.

Cops tried to obstruct the two cars at Alligator Creek, about 20 kilometres southern of Townsville, nonetheless they failed to stop as well as a pursuit followed.

Police officers laid road spikes at the Alligator Creek Bridge, which properly slowed down among the automobiles as it continued to take a trip towards Townsville.
The search continued, prior to the vehicle faced a gate.

Authorities were surprised to find nine children in the car, all which were collared.
The 2nd automobile was later on situated on the Bruce Motorway at Giru. Costs are yet to be laid.

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