Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Middle East Editions: Info, Photos and Specs

The way Bugatti decided to honor the Middle East market is more than impressive. The Dubai International Motor Show hosted three very special models of the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport. This is not only a way to honor the market, but to show the clientele in the Middle East the style and inspiration a […]

Honda showcases the HFP Civic and Accord Coupes at SEMA

The 2011 SEMA show saw Honda focusing on their new 2012 Civic models but they also featured their improved Accord Coupe. Honda unveiled the Accord under the Honda Factory Performance (HFP) name with some tuning upgrades that are supposed to vastly enhance the performance. The concept Accord Coupe has been fitted with a powerful V6 […]

TechArt 630-hp Power Kit For Porsche Panamera Revealed: Official Specs and Photos

For most of its owners, the new Porsche Panamera is more than enough with its exterior and interior features, while the engine develops more horse power more than is necessary. However, the folks from Techart thought Porsche Panamera Turbo is a bit underpowered, so they’ve come up with one of their infamous Power Kits in order to make this […]

Lexus Revealed 2012 Special Edition Models for LS 460, ES 350 and CT 200h: Official Specs and Photos

The Japanese car maker Lexus today announced Special Edition models for the 2012 LS 460, ES 350 and CT 200h. The manufacturer claims that the new models come with numerous exclusive exterior and interior features for an even sportier look and feel. “The Special Edition models will offer our customers choices to fit their luxury […]

2012 BMW 1-Series M Coupe By Romeo Ferraris Revealed: Official Specs, Photos and Video

For many people, the new BMW 1-Series M Coupe is perfect as it is. However, its 335-horsepower version of the automaker’s twin-turbocharged inline six-cylinder gasoline engine isn’t powerful enough for some of its owners, so as some of you might know, BMW‘s hot little 1-Series M Coupe has been getting plenty of attention from a […]

2012 Hyundai Veloster by ARK Performance Headed To SEMA: Official Specs and Photos

The Koreans from Hyundai have put their heads together with ARK Performance and this way a rally-bred 210-horsepower 2012 Veloster with a boatload of upgrades and a funky paintjob was born. The ARK Performance Veloster will be unveiled at the 2011 SEMA Show and it will be shown between November 1-4, 2011 among other modified Velosters and Genesis Coupes. […]

2012 Porsche 911 By Speedart is In The Work: Teaser Photo

Just a few minutes ago, the German aftermarket specialists from SpeedART unveiled their latest project based on Porsche Panamera Diesel, a tuning package that comes with an aero kit and a power kit that takes performance levels to 300 horsepower and 650 Nm of torque. Well, now they have made ​​a new announcement… At this time one thing is obvious: […]

Porsche Panamera Diesel by SpeedART Unveiled: Official Specs and Photos

The German aftermarket specialists from speedART decided to unveil its latest project based on Porsche Panamera Diesel. Called the PS9 – 300D, this tuning package comes with an aero kit and a power kit that takes performance levels to 300 horsepower and 650 Nm of torque. The new Porsche Panamera Diesel by speedART features now […]

2011 Ferrari 599 GTB Project Megalith By SR Auto Group Unveiled: Official Specs and Photos

If you’re a SpeedLux reader, “SR Auto Group” might sound familiar to you. The Canadian tuner is no stranger to redefining sports cars from a number of high end automakers one of their creations being the controversial Lamborghini Project SV Veneto, a car painted in a truly unique color (for more details, click here). Their […]

Kahn Ford Focus RS featuring Cosworth wheels: Official Specs and Photos

The folks from Kahn Design revealed their Ford Focus RS featuring Cosworth wheels and we can show you the first photos and official specs. Being the very first to wear unique Kahn branding, the latest edition of the RS exudes daring style, practicality and terrific road-holding, which will no doubt win customers across the globe. […]