5 Fastest Ways To Blow Your Car Speakers

car speaker

Car speakers are truly great. They provide crystal clear audio of your favorite songs or radio shows. And, with today’s technology you can easily gain access to hundreds of different radio stations, podcasts and talk shows. There really is nothing more exciting and pleasing than cruising down the road with your friends jamming to your […]

Learn More About Audiopipe APMI 2000


Some users when purchasing Audiopipe or other audio components organize over the best brands comparing vague points of output and construction for the item. They check the features of the good sound system. With the help of the review of the product, the shopping process becomes easy for them. Why Is Audiopipe Important? In the […]

Pirelli Expands Dedicated “Pirelli Collezione” Tire Range for Vintage & Classic Cars

Pirelli 2017 Quail event

Featuring all-new technology with the correct vintage look, Pirelli Collezione tires breathe new life and performance into the world’s most beloved classic cars New Cinturato CA67 tire size released Pirelli is proud to announce deliveries of the Pirelli Collezione – a dedicated tire range for classic and vintage car enthusiasts that infuses Pirelli’s new, technologically advanced compounds […]

Toyo Tires Introduces the Toyo Proxes ST III. exclusive for Sport Trucks and SUVs

Toyo Tires

Adding Greater Performance and Style for Sport Trucks and SUVs Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp. introduces the Toyo® Proxes® ST III™, now available at Toyo Tires dealers throughout the US. Adding greater performance and style to sport trucks and SUVs, the Proxes ST III boasts a unique arrowhead tread design. This directional tire takes both appearance […]

JD Classics launches five-speed synchromesh gearbox for classic Jaguar

JD Classics five-speed synchromesh gearbox

Already fitted to customer XKs and MKIIs JD Classics – one of the globally leading classic car racing and restoration companies – has released its own five-speed all-synchromesh gearbox for classic Jaguars. Styled by a team of JD Classics’ expert technicians and a acclaimed motorsport engineering company, the gearbox is readily available to order now. […]

Novel Sensor Technologies to Transform the Driving Techniques of Vehicles Users

Automotive Sensor

Rising interest in autonomous vehicles creates vast growth opportunities for sensor developers, finds Frost & Sullivan’s TechVision team The growing popularity of autonomous vehicles is enhancing the need for improved vehicle and occupant safety, opening up the market to advanced automotive sensor technologies. The integration of sensors and actuators into automotive control systems optimizes driver […]