Things to look for when you are buying a used motorcycle

Used motorcycle

Purchasing a motorcycle can be risky businesses.  Unlike the car industry, the reporting of vehicle maintenance and damage is spotty at best. Reporting standards and best practices in motorbike Sales are not nearly as robust as the car industry. Reporting agencies generally don’t track motorcycle history unless involved in an accident where an insurance claim […]

Motorcycle Company Erik Buell Racing Shutting Down For Good

Erik Buell Racing (EBR)

The announcement of shutting down of the American sports bike manufacturer Erik Buell Racing Motorcycles was the second time in the past two years. There had been several instances when the company declared bankruptcy earlier. The closing of operations would start soon as per company sources. Customers and dealerships would be provided with service and […]

BMW Vision Motorrad Next 100 Motorcycle Is so Advanced That You Don’t Require a Helmet

BMW Vision Motorrad Next 100 Motorcycle

The motorbike of the future is so safe riders can travel sans helmet– all of the thrills with none of the threat as per BMW. The German automaker has revealed its Motorrad Vision Next 100, a streamlined, self-balancing model the automaker released as part of its 100th-anniversary celebrations. The zero-emissions bike has got self-balancing wheels […]

Honda and Yamaha; two competitors announce scooter tie-up

Japan’s Honda Motor and Yamaha Motor on Wednesday stated they were joining with forces to construct scooters for the domestic market, burying the hatchet on a decades-old rivalry and combining production in response to a shrinking bike market. Honda, the world’s most known bike brand by sales, stated it would begin producing Yamaha’s 50-cc engine […]