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Transport for London had “one or two” problems with details given by Uber

Transport for London (TfL) had “one or two” problems concerning the accuracy of details given by Uber, a lawyer for London’s transport regulator stated on Tuesday during a hearing concerning the taxi app’s appeal against the loss of its London license.

A hearing is occurring at Westminster Magistrates’ Court to decide on administrative matters prior Uber’s appeal against TfL’s decision to remove it of its license is heard in court, which a judge hopes will happen in April.

“The decision letter says, well, there are one or two problems about the extent to which the information provided to TfL was appropriate,” TfL attorney Martin Chamberlain informed the court. “That is among the points that the decision is based.”

After Uber was removed of its operating license in September, the firm’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi met TfL’s Commissioner Mike Brown and assured to make things right in the British city, its most crucial European market.

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