What is to expect of Fiat: Dissection of the car manufacturer’s 5-year product plan

We have been hearing about the ambitious vision of Fiat’s top man Sergio Marchionne for the car brands under its umbrella. After the presentation back in November 2009, the Italian alliance of automakers’ alliance have recently announced its five-year plan for its products. This includes what we should expect for the Fiat, Ferrari, Maserati, and the return of the Alfa Romeo to the United States.


Let us start with the prancing stallion. The brand will be conquering the market with 6 new models with the replacement for the 612-Scaglietti rolling out first. This four-seat Ferrari may add a hybrid engine to its excellent V-12 offering.

A convertible 458 Italia is also in the works and is due for next year. There will also be a vehicle similar to the 430 Scuderia but deriving its DNA from the 458.

We might also see a top of the line supercar that will take inspiration from the Enzo. This new hypercar will be using a lightweight platform and implement forced induction for its engine.

The 599 GTB is also getting a replacement. The Ferrari California will be refreshed and get an M designation.


For the Maserati, Fiat promises a new 4-door Quattroporte that will showcase the brand’s high quality, excellent driving emotion, and a new styling. This move is not surprising given that its competitions like the Porsche Panamera and the Rapide from Aston Martin have injected some additions to the ranks of luxury and performance sedans. Maserati will continue with the GranCabrio and the GranTurismo lines.

What’s pretty interesting about the plan for Maserati is the planned introduction of the smaller 4-door which will meet head to head with the BMW M5, Audi RS6, and the E-Class AMG from Mercedes-Benz.

Maserati also working on cutting on costs and improving their network of dealers so they can get a 10% chunk of the market segment.


Let’s talk about the main course. The Fiat brand is expected to have all of its vehicles revised with replacements coming in by 2015. For those in the United States, there will be a B-segment entry level car which will use the Fiat platform that is expected to roll out by 2012. During the same year, they will release a sedan C-segment and a Fiat based on Dodge Journey heading to the European market by 2011.

The brand, as expected will be merging with Lancia and Chrysler to provide the next gen line up of vehicles for the brand. We can count on the refreshed 300C by 2011 since this plan has been confirmed by Fiat execs. On the same year, a revised minivan will be released.

Chrysler will be getting its set of compact vehicles by 2012 which will include a D-segment sedan based on the Fiat platform. The new vehicle will work in addition to the Chrysler based sedan and hatchback of the C-segment.

Jeep will also have its sort of renaissance. There will be upgrades for the Compass, Patriot, and the Wrangler by 2011. We are hoping for a new engine to be fitted with the underpowered Wrangler. The Liberty, or Cherokee for the Europeans, will have a replacement by 2013. The Compass and Patriot will be abolished as a new C-segment SUV based on Chrysler will come in.

Lastly, the automotive and industrial operations of Fiat will be separated. The newly formed Fiat Professional will be adopting a big pickup truck for their European market which we are certain will benefit from the know how of the Ram division. Chrysler will also benefit as Fiat shares its dual-clutch automatic transmission and MultiAir technology in the US.

Is that too much information? Admittedly this is quite a lot to absorb. We have some graphic representation of these below which you can browse through.

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