September 19, 2014


A Mazda spokesman said in an interview that the company is currently not in a rush to launch a hybrid car in Europe.

While many automakers are currently focusing on hybrid and electric cars, Mazda has in fact decided to put all its efforts on making gasoline and diesel engines as efficient as possible. The company does not have plans of selling a hybrid model or a pure electric car in the near future. Mazda wants to make sure its engines are optimally designed, to make better effect of the benefits of combined battery power which will arrive sooner or later in the future.

This means Mazda will continue to develop its SKYACTIV technologies with focus on lowering energy losses throughout the car’s drivetrain. So instead of downsizing like most car makers are doing off lately, Mazda will continue to offer engines of larger capacity but with better fuel consumption and CO2 emission figures.

Although the company did make an electric version of the Mazda2, the intention of the company was to prove the critics wrong who said that they would not be able to make it, according to Mazda UK sales director Peter Allibon.


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