September 23, 2014

Just how fuel efficient is the new BMW 320d EfficientDynamic?

Well, that’s also what UK automobile journalist Tom Ford was keen to discover, and he did the simplest thing to find that out, put the car through its paces. He drove the BMW 320d sedan from the UK to Munich and back and he could pull it off on just a tank full of diesel. The entire distance sums up to 1,630 kilometres or 1,013 miles. So what this means is that the car could do 68.9 miles on a single gallon of diesel while emitting only 109g of CO2 every km. Surprisingly, the figures match with those that BMW claims for the 320d.

Ford admitted to having made the attempt to drive carefully but he did not drive with the intention of squeezing the maximum out of every drop of fuel. Even then, he said he achieved 75.9mpg during some stretches.

“Think about it in the context of everyday motoring: comfortably more than 1,000 miles on one tank of diesel means just 12 fills a year for the average motorist – and even driven normally I still think you’re looking at 750 – 800 miles (1,207km – 1,287km) per fill. BMW’s EfficientDynamics: it does what it says on the tin,” added Ford.

As for the car, it  makes 122kW (163 bhp/ 165 PS) between 3,500rpm to 4,200rpm, while torque figures stand at 360Nm at a quite low of 1,750rpm to 3,000rpm. Fuel-saving technologies that BMW incorporated in the new 320d EfficientDynamic include Auto Start-Stop, Brake Energy Regeneration, a longer transmission ratio, a lowered suspension and the use of Michelin EnergySaver tyres.

Source: worldcarfans, bmwblog

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