October 27, 2020

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    By now, it is a tried and tested fact that CNG vehicles have emerged as the outstanding winners above all the conventional cars that run on petrol and diesel, for a variety of reasons. Apart from the obvious fact that CNG costs a fair and significant amount less than the others, there are many more benefits you can enjoy by this smart fuel choice. Learn about the critical benefits of the CNG fuel because of which you need to switch to a CNG Autoswitch vehicle such as the new Maruti Suzuki Celerio or Wagon R.

    Benefits of CNG

    CNG is basically an environment-friendly fuel that breaks down much better that petrol and diesel, reducing fuel wastage during heavy traffic scenes, while stopping the release of harmful half-burnt hydrocarbons (half-burnt hydrocarbons are the main cause of smog pollution in urban areas) among other pollutants into our already polluted atmosphere. Apart from that, CNG has been established as the smartest choice of fuel for regular city drivers as with CNG, you will need fewer visits to the gas refilling station as CNG also gives substantially more mileage on your vehicle against the same volume of gas as compared to the same amount of petroleum.

    Reasons why you need a CNG car:

    • Eco-Friendly Fuel

    With the eco-friendly nature of CNG, due to its chemical composition, the switch from petrol and diesel vehicles to CNG Autoswitch will basically benefit your engine in the form of reduced carbon-emission levels, ultimately lowering the levels of urban pollution. It is basically a vicious cycle of one kind of pollution leading to the other in the form of smog that leads to pollutants precipitating into the land surfaces and water bodies. CNG vehicles will reduce all forms of pollution, as the major ingredient of CNG (methane gas with a single carbon atom) breaks down completely unlike petrol and diesel that have multiple carbon bonds.

    • Cheaper and More Affordable in Comparison

    CNG or Compressed Natural Gas is a form of combustible natural gas that consists mostly of methane gas which releases energy when mixed with air in combustion chamber of the engine!  CNG is a much newly discovered price and is available in much more abundance in comparison to petroleum that is a non-renewable source of energy. With CNG being cheaper, you are enabled to save a lot of money in the long run.

    • Increasing CNG Refilling Stations

    With CNG’s growing consumer base of happy and satisfied users across the country, more and more gas refilling stations are cropping up to cater to the increasing demand. It is expected to raise the stakes of what is causing rapid urbanization across the remote cities where CNG has not penetrated yet, but chances are CNG will reach there sooner than later.

    • Drive Longer Distances

    With the newest technology of CNG Autoswitch introduced, your vehicle comes with a company fitted CNG system, which is really good news for all of those who have been waiting for more motivation to make the fuel switch. Your car starts with petrol then automatically switches to the CNG tank. With this technology, you can get more mileage, so you can drive for longer distances for the same volume of CNG, than you were able to with petrol or diesel. You can now get Maruti Suzuki cars such as Celerio CNG, WagonR CNG and Alto CNG in the hatchback segment.

    Car manufacturers in India recognize CNG as the fuel choice of the future, and hence in an attempt to reinvent and renovate their technologies, while provide their customers with more convenient fuel options, they have introduced the CNG Autoswitch cars in already widely popular cars like the new Maruti Suzuki Celerio, WagonR and Alto.


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