Abandoned Hyundai slapped with 26 parking tickets worth more than the vehicle

Abandoned Hyundai slapped with 26 parking tickets

The owner of an abandoned Hyundai could be surprised when they finally gather their car– together with 26 parking tickets.

It has been left in a parking lot in Kings Heath, Birmingham, for the past six months, acquiring parking fines worth an approximated ₤ 2,600 ($3,252)– 17 times more than the vehicle is really worth.

The 16-year-old Hyundai Coupe’s worth is approximated to be simply ₤ 150 ($188) and might describe why the owner has chosen versus selecting it and paying the fines.

Pictures show 26 of the fines, which are supposedly for ₤ 100 ($125) each, posted in rows on the windshield of the silver car.

A staff member at a vape store located in the parking lot said it had been there for around six months, adding: “I have no idea whose it is … it doesn’t appear like they’re returning to get it.”

Birmingham City board stated it was an issue for the owner of the parking lot.

In 2016, a Mercedes left in another Birmingham city centre multi-storey parking area for three years was finally eliminated after acquiring over ₤ 14,000 in parking tickets.

APCOA, the company who owned the parking lot, finally hauled the Mercedes away after receiving approval from Birmingham City Council.

“We did not move the automobile initially since the city board has formerly taken responsibility for removing vehicles and, unsurprisingly, we believed this was still the case,” an APCOA spokesperson stated at the time.

“The vehicle will probably be taken away for scrap. There are no plans to pursue the owner.”

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