BMW i3 production fully revealed in patent drawings

Recently we got to see the BMW i3 production version wearing very little camouflage and now we have got patent drawings which reveal the model almost fully.

Looking pretty similar to the concept revealed in 2011 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the model can be distinguished with features such as absence of see-through door panels, while the front doors have been moved further back which has significantly reduced the size of the rear doors, the bumpers, head/taillights and mirrors look more downwards now.

The model will come fitted with electric engine producing 170 hp (127 kW) and 249 Nm (184 lb-ft) which should provide a range between 130 km (88 miles) to 160 km (99 miles). The range-extending model will have a 0.65-liter, two-cylinder motorcycle engine and should be able to travel up to 220 km (136 miles) before running out of power.

It will reportedly be available on order next month from a starting price of around 35,000 GBP (40,800 EUR / 53,300 USD) for EV model and 38,000 GBP (44,300 EUR / 57,800 USD) for the range-extender one.

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