Bmw recalling 198,000 vehicles to rectify power brake leaks

BMW, as per reports emanating from their North America office is in the process of recalling 198,000 vehicles. There has been a reported leak in the power braking system which is the reason for this recall to be issued. This is the second time in the span of one week that some safety flaw has been noticed in the car. The cars manufactured between 2002 to 2010 of the BMW 5, 6 and 7 Series fitted with the V8 and V12 engines are the ones that are being recalled. Rolls Royce Phantom Vehicles between 2003 to 2010 manufacturing years are also affected by this recall notice.

The leak it appears affects the effectiveness of the power brakes even though there have been no accidents reported to date on account of this flaw. There is the mechanical braking system that is incorporated in the cars which could be used by the driver to bring the vehicle to a dead stop even in case the car is the one with the flaw. David Buchko labels this as the biggest recall ever in BMW North America’s history. There has also been an investigation conducted just a few days ago on loss of power steering for about 80,000 BMW 2004 and 2005 Mini Cooper models.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Tuesday last confirmed having received 54 numbers of complaints as well as a number of field reports. With the power steering not working the driver would have to apply more force to steer the vehicle as per the NHTSA note at its web site. The probable cause of the problem appears to be the power steering pump.

Source: 4wheelsnews

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