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Electric Ford F-150 spotted

Electric Ford F-150 spotted in Dearborn

The most surprising fact about Ford’s electric F-150 isn’t the powertrain.

Photos and video of a prototype for the future truck that was spotted on the roads outside Ford’s Dearborn Development Center show that it has an independent rear suspension, a first for an F-150.

Regardless of its faux tailpipe, the zero-emissions model can be identified by what seems to be a large battery pack beneath the cab, not to point out the obvious electric motor sounds it makes. During an earlier sighting, the truck was caught on camera while it was plugged into a charging station, revealing the location of its port hidden in the front bumper.

No full-size pickup is presently available with a fully-independent suspension, however the F-150 based Ford Expedition SUV does include one, so the platform can accommodate it. As to why the automaker chose to put it on the electric model, it may be a sign that the drivetrain could be shared with other automobiles in the lineup, including the Expedition. There’s also the possibility that the automaker is looking to position it as more of a comfortable lifestyle truck compared to a commercial vehicle, which would take advantage from the added capability provided by a solid rear axle.

Startup automaker Rivian has designed its R1T electric pickup as well with an independent air suspension, but it utilizes a smaller, all-new platform that was particularly engineered to be a battery-powered vehicle and wasn’t modified from a conventional body-on-frame truck like the F-150.

Ford has not yet verified when its electric truck will go into production, or what it will be named, but the F-150 lineup is due to be updated in 2021.

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