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Ford Focus ST With Five Custom Cars in SEMA.

Ford Motors Presented 5 Custom cars for the SEMA Auto Show in Las Vegas, of them were:

1. 2013 Ford Focus ST-by Tanner Foust Racing: World Record Holder and X-Games Gold medalist Tanner Foust has built this Ford Focus ST with 2.0L EcoBoost, Six-Speed Manual Transmission, improved performance includes upgrades like increased air intake, adding power to the vehicle is signature MagnaFlow exhaust, fully adjustable front and rear suspension allows flexibility for top movements, and lastly customized body parts makes this Ford extra ordinary!

2. 2013 Ford Focus ST by- Bojix Design: Bojix design brings European styling cues to American Shore with the Ford Focus ST painted in iconic orange, large body kits, big brakes, and coilovers adding grip, under the hood the same unit of 2.0L EcoBoost engine with Six-Speed Manual Transmission is seen.

3. 2013 Ford Focus ST by-M&J Enterprises: The same engine structure of a 2.0L EcoBoost with Six-Speed Manual Transmission is seen here on the Ford Focus, but with added powers. the M&J team formulated a partnership between Ford, Cosworth LLC and Ford Racing to boost Focus ST power by more than 30% and torque up by 20% and with that this Focus Pumps out 330hp, modification also included engine and suspension modifications combined with Cosworth specified wheels and tires and on the exterior of the car is Tangerine Scream finish and subtle graphics, making it an impressive car.

4. 2013 Ford Focus ST by Galpin Auto Sports featuring a 2.0L EcoBoost, Six-Speed Manual Transmission unit: The Galpin team have revamped the statistics of power and vehicle dynamics to a completely different level, with the help of modifications which include upgrades like, coil-over springs, big brakes, methanol injection and a rally-ready body kit, and on the exterior of the car is very eye catchy with the paint job the team has carried out.

5. 2013 Ford Focus ST by- Steeda Autosports: the European inspired Ford Focus with 2.0L EcoBoost, and Six-Speed Manual Transmission, offers a increased perofrmance and improved handling, with modifications such as Steeda G-Trac suspension modifications, Brembo brakes and a 19-inch custom wheel and tire package brings out a unexpected power from the Ford Focus.

As of now, let the pictures do the talking, stay tuned for more updates.

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