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Ford offers repairs to avoid exhaust leaks in 1.4 million Explorer

Ford Motor said on Friday it will provide free repairs to North American owners of over 1.4 million Explorer sport utility vehicles to ensure that carbon monoxide and other exhaust gases can not enter into the vehicles, after the United States government’s decision to upgrade an investigation in July.

Numerous U.S. police firms have raised issues about potentially fatal carbon monoxide going into the cabins of Ford Explorers that had been adjusted for law enforcement uses. Federal regulators have stated they are aware of over 2,700 complaints for exhaust odors in addition to reports of three crashes and forty-one injuries that may be connected to exposure to carbon monoxide amongst police and civilian 2011-2017 Explorer vehicles.

Ford stated its investigation has not found “carbon monoxide levels that surpass what people are exposed to every day” in the 1.4 million vehicles. There is no U.S. government standard for in-vehicle carbon monoxide levels. Ford states it considers the vehicles are safe and is making the deal, which it is not categorizing as a recall, in action to consumer concerns.

The automaker stated starting November 1, dealerships will reprogram the air conditioner, replace the liftgate drain valves and check sealing of the rear of the vehicle. The repair covers about 1.3 million U.S. vehicles and around 100,000 in Canada and Mexico.

Ford refused to comment on the prospective monetary impact of the service offer that will last through the end of the next year.

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