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Ford to work with Intel’s Mobileye for improving crash avoidance technology

Ford Motor will work together with Intel Corp’s autonomous driving unit, Mobileye, to develop an enhanced collision avoidance system for its automobiles, the automaker said on Monday.

Ford said the collaboration with Mobileye will be to develop enhanced camera-based crash warning, detection of vehicles and pedestrians, and lane-keeping features for its vehicles, including F-150 and Mustang Mach-E cars.

The automaker said Mobileye will offer its EyeQ sensing technology along with a vision-processing software to support Ford’s Co-Pilot360 system as well as a hands-free driving feature that will be brought next year.

Ford will include Mobileye’s logo in driver-assist communication displays and is also thinking about using its Roadbook map system, which utilizes anonymized, crowd-sourced data from vehicle cameras.

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