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Hulme CanAm from New Zealand

Hulme CanAmCanAm is developed by New Zealand based Hulme Supercars in cooperation with Massey University. Named after F1 Champion Denny Hulme it is targeted to track enthusiasts around the world.

Power comes from a mid-mounted Chevrolet’s 7.0-liter V8 that develops around 600 horsepower.

CanAm weighs less than 1000 kg (2204 pounds) and seats two people.

Such low weight is possible thanks to race-oriented chassis and carbon composite tub and bodywork.

Top speed is between 300-320 km/h (186-199 mph).

Very limited series production is expected to start in early 2010. No official word on the pricing, but it is expected to be around $700,000 (504.395 Euros).

Hulme Supercars is also planning to develop a Coupe and a Spyder version.

Hulme CanAm launch in Aukland:

Via: hulmesupercars.com

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One thought on “Hulme CanAm from New Zealand

  1. Finaly somewhere where i can write a coment on it 😀

    1. Very strange aerodynamic. Where front “spoiler” actualy doesn`t work as formula 1 spoiler – when it cut an air from wide side of a tire – to make more grip on the tire.
    So mudguards on tires have no sence – open tires like this shod be pressed by an air. So mudguard should be reincorced to bring a grip force back to tires.
    Don`t know about spoiler, but graditional transition from body doesn`t look very good for air flow.

    2. Mass. 1000kg is much, and its caused by not very efective solutions
    Like huge heavy glass on first model. Fron lights, that should be reinforced to keep fixed.

    All this reflects on a very low High speed ( 300-320 kph that tuned serial cars like BMW M5 could reach http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BMW_M5 ) was beaten by Lamborghini and Ferrari in 1980`s

    And all this…. with this cost!! 700 000!!! X_X

    Hi 🙂

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