M6 owner, destroys his car to protest against BMW

In one of the rare and unusual incident, the owner of a 2008 BMW M6 destroyed his care reason being protest against the BMW service.

In 2011, the Chinese owner of a Lamborghini Gallardo also decided to destroy his car on World Consumer Rights Day after an engine failure on his Italian super car which the Lamborghini service failed to fix. Similarly the owner of a 2008 BMW M6 did the same thing with his high-performance coupe that he had bought as new for 120,000 EUR.

The car was serviced for a total of ten times at BMW Munich and BMW Italy but without any success, even though the BMW’s personnel said that the car was fixed. But the owner felt that the same is not yet fixed and that it has been serviced so many times for a particular problem which itself is a proof of the failure of the company to repair it.

Therefore as a form of protest to the service by the company, the owner simply decided to destroy his car. Not only that, he also chose the right location as he did it outside 2013 IAA in Frankfurt last Saturday to make sure a lot of people would notice his grievance.

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