This Man Gets Automatic BMW M235i despite Ordering Manual Version

by SpeedLux

There are reasons why a lot of people are choosing vehicles with automatic transmission these days. Traffic jams may well be one of those reasons. However, this does not necessarily mean that there are no more people who are keen on driving a car with a manual transmission. This man from the North America is one good example here.

The North American man in question recently ordered a manual transmission variant of the BMW M235i. However, somehow, the luxury German dealership in his residential area sent the man an example with an automatic instead of a manual transmission. Now this is not something that happens within every single day. How come such a luxury automaker as the Germany-based BMW can make such a mistake? The North American man claimed that everything delivered to him was exactly as what he ordered and yet, the gearbox was somehow a mistake.

Needless to say, the man actually got upset. Yet, the local BMW dealership in his area offered to give the man compensations. The dealership has offered the man a free coating to apply onto his BMW. Otherwise, the man will have to wait for several more months before he can actually get exactly the car he has ordered.

Having to deal with such an issue, the North American man has started a post on Reddit and his post has now gone viral. In fact, the BMW North America has also become aware of the post and the dealership is now showing some signs of a possible resolution for the issue. Some people, however, commented on the man’s post that it was a mistake for the man to actually accept the automatic version in the first place. However, these commenters did not seem to know what actually caused the man to do that.

As it turned out, the man got involved in a car crash before the BMW he ordered arrived. In that crash, his previous ride was completely totaled. With that being said, the man really did not have too many options, which was why he decided to go with the automatic version first. Moreover, the man had actually paid his hard earned cash for that automatic variant and he might then lose it for something that was other people’s mistake. Besides, the man also had to undergo a therapy session at least three times within a week. How do you expect the man to do that if he does not have any vehicle in the first place, right?

Thankfully, in the end, everything came up roses for the initially disappointed customer from North America. The BMW dealership in his area finally contacted him, agreeing for the return of the car and promising to replace it with a new one, this time the proper one. In addition to that, the dealership has even offered the man a BMW 328i, at least until the car he orders arrives.

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