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Motocross jerseys – Ways to choose the best ones and maintain it for a long time

The sight of an ace motocross race on his/her bike, riding with full perfection is a pleasant sight. Other than the adventure and thrill it infuses, motocross biking is also gaining popularity for its form and look. And this look comprises of the entire biking gear. It includes the helmet, goggles, wrist braces, arm covers, gloves, boots, pants, calf braces and many more. One of the most attractive motocross biking gears is the jersey. It gives the rider his/her distinct look and persona. And it is essential that you select the jersey you like best.

Today, the manufacturers and service providers have come up with various motocross jerseys. You need to weigh and assess the ones you like best and select accordingly.  Discussed below are useful guidelines that you can make use of.

  • Know your jersey size

It is essential to select the correct motocross jersey size; else, it will be uncomfortable for you to sustain the ride. The size of the motocross jersey might vary than your casual clothing. You might want to wear a size loose or small than your actual size in daily life. But you can’t follow the same rule when it comes to your motocross jersey. You need to select the exact size that fits you well, and not too loose or small making you feel claustrophobic.

Sometimes, different brands have different sizes. So, you could use an L for one brand and XL for the other. Measure yourself and check carefully, before you make a purchase. Also, it is always better to opt-in for two to three jerseys at one go. That way, you don’t have to count on one and overuse it. You can rotate the jerseys, and it will last you a long time. You can match the jersey with your bike for the rides.

  • Get the correct material

The jersey fabric is essential as it helps you stay comfortable during the ride. Generally, nylon and polyester are two important jersey materials that are popular. Considering the fact that your jersey needs to fit you perfectly, it is essential that you choose a form-fitting material. Today, manufacturers make use of nylon and spandex together to design the best motocross jerseys.  It will help the jersey to give you a body-hugging fit without being extra tight. There is room for breathing, and it provides ample flexibility as well.

  • Choose the design you want to

The designers are making motocross jerseys attractive in design and look! If you want a subtle and smart look you can opt-in for the ones which come in solid mono-colors. You can select from the classic black, navy blue, brown, red, green and the like. Choosing grey and white might make the stains in your jersey appear more visible. If you love prints, you can opt-in for that as well. Today, designers are making use of digital and graphic prints for the motocross jerseys. You can select the designs that cater to your choice. Some jerseys can be customized to a logo or symbol of your choice as well.

Also, here, it is crucial to consider the jersey neck cut. Barring places where it’s freezing, you need to opt-in for the simple round neck jersey. It keeps you comfortable and allows free neck movements. In colder climates, you can opt-in for high collared jerseys. Few motocross jerseys come with a frontal zip. The pro racers mostly use these jerseys in bike tours or competitions. You can get all these various types of jerseys at an affordable price.

  • The length

It is crucial to get the correct jersey length. The ideal length of the motocross jersey is slightly below the waist length so that you can tuck it inside the motocross pants. If you find the length shorter than that, it’s best to look elsewhere. If your jersey is shorter in length, it won’t allow you to wear your jersey pants properly and might make you feel uncomfortable during the ride. The upper torso for every person varies. Hence, sometimes you might need a size smaller or a size bigger. It’s best to give a trial before you make a purchase.

  • Compare both the jersey and the price

Today, everyone wants to get the best value for their money. So, before you make a final purchase, it is essential that you compare the jersey and its price points from multiple service providers. Check which brand is providing a high-quality jersey at a price point that is comfortable for you. When you select online, you can browse from one website to the other within a few minutes. Read the product details carefully to know about the jersey material and other information. Opt-in for the one that you like best.

Maintaining your motocross jersey

Once you have purchased your motocross jersey, it’s time to keep it properly! You could use the following simple maintenance tips.

  • Don’t use the same motocross jersey for all your rides. Rotate the variants and wear different jerseys. This way you can wear one jersey for the trip and wash the others. This minimal upkeep helps to maintain the jerseys well and makes them durable.
  • Don’t wash your jerseys in regular washing powder that you use for other clothes. That way you will cause the jersey to either shrink in size or become brittle. There are special solvents used for cleaning jersey. Try and obtain the same. If not opt-in for a professional cleaning service and advise them accordingly.
  • Always keep your biking gear in one place. That way, you will not mix it with other clothing. Make sure you fold the jersey correct. Also, don’t stretch it unnecessarily. Take off any dirt and debris stain immediately after you are back home from your ride.

These are some of the essential tips that you can opt-in for when you are selecting a motocross jersey. Use the basic guidelines for its regular upkeep as well. Your jersey adds to your persona. It is a feel-good factor that you can count on. So, choose wisely and take proper care of it.

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