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Porsche to develope new Volkswagen sports car platforms

Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche who form up the Volkswagen Group have recently announced plans for the three mid-engine cars. All three individual organizations of the group have entered into an agreement for creation of the new cars.

The new platform would be developed under the leadership of the people from Porsche. The platform would be named Modular Standard Platform (or MSB) and German initials would be used for the same. The platform is one that would hold both the longitudinal as well as transverse engine installations. It would be a multifaceted platform for it would also be able to fit products that include the front wheel drive Volkswagens to the Porsches which are rear wheel drive cars.

As of now there have been only three products that are being planned for production using this platform. There is however chances that the next generation Porsche Panamera , Cayenne SUV, and a new Bentley model would also be built on this same platform. The platform according to Volkswagen has the ability to reduce manufacturing time and costs and therefore would be a matter of vie for competitors.

When VW had taken over control of Porsche last year they had assured then of the coming of such a platform. This therefore should be taken as their commitment to their promise. By placing the engine slightly aft of the front axle of the Panamera, automobile experts think the present platform would make the handling and dynamics of the Panamera more driver friendly.

Source: 4wheelsnews, leftlanenews

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