Renderings: BMW X4 Takes Shape

We have already heard many rumors about and this time, the long-time rumored BMW X4 comes back in public attention. The same rumors said that the production of the smaller Sports Activity Coupe is imminent and the news which said that this it won’t happen, came as a surprise. At this moment faith of the X4 remains unknown.

Less than a month ago, BMW officials were quoted by UK magazine Autocar and they said plans for the X4 are on hold pending a new platform strategy that will center on greater commonality between the X3 and X5.

This new model was imagined to be a smaller and more agile four-seater. It is based on the X6 SAC and was said to keep a bloodline with the X3, although the front and rear will be separate designs. The smaller SAC makes use of BMW’s latest design philosophy in which wheel arches are defined a three-dimensional look.

At this time it’s hard to tell, but if it comes to market, the BMW X4 will probably be offered with various 4- and 6-cylinder engines, and most likely in the future, a hybrid version, similar to the X6 ActiveHybrid or the future X3 hybrid.

Theo Philuschin, rendering artist, applies some of the things mentioned above and creates a computer generated image of the small SAC. The car combines design cues from the X3 and X6. You can see the result below, in the photo gallery.

Source: BMWblog

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