United Auto Workers union courts Tesla workers, boosts ‘buy American’ message

Tesla Model S

United Auto Workers President Dennis Williams stated that the union is getting in touch with Tesla Inc, and plans to improve efforts to persuade U.S. consumers not to buy cars integrated in other nations, including those sold by the Detroit car manufacturers. The UAW leader likewise used a conference with reporters to applaud President Donald […]

UAW president stays UAW will support Unifor in talks with General Motors in Canada


United Auto Workers President Dennis Williams stated on Monday the U.S. union will support Canada’s unionized auto workers during agreement talks with General Motors however declined to state whether the UAW would refuse work at GM plants in case of a Canadian strike. Williams stated in an interview he believes GM and Jerry Dias, president […]

UAW hopes to unionize Tesla Fremont plant

United Auto Workers

Tesla has a domestic manufacturing plant without a union, comfortably uncommon for an American automaker. Tesla states that it takes great care of its employees at its Fremont center, in spite of the lack of employee defenses that feature unionizing. However this lack of a union in Fremont might not always hold true. Dennis Williams, […]