Renault, Volkswagen and Fiat Chrysler sales rise before stricter EU emissions tests

Renault Alpine A110 Sportscar 2017 Geneva show

Renault, Volkswagen and Fiat Chrysler led a 29.8 percent European car sales increase last month, the major regional industry body stated, as automakers used discounts to clear inventory prior tougher emissions tests. Registrations throughout Europe rose to 1.17 million cars, well over usual levels for the slow month of August and the 902,870 gained in […]

Germany wants to make all new cars emissions free by 2030

Germany’s enthusiastic emissions objectives indicate a remarkable push away from gas and diesel cars and to electrification and zero-emission vehicles. Every vehicle purchased in Germany has to be a zero-emissions car by 2030 if the country desires to hit its emissions objectives, stated the nation’s deputy economy minister, Rainer Baake, who made a statement at […]