Volkswagen Plans to Build Battery Factory

Volkswagen is preparing to scale up its electric car (EV) operations with its own battery factory, as per numerous media reports. German regional paper, Hondelsblatt, states the auto maker prepares to develop a multibillion euro factory that will construct EVs independent of any assistance from battery makers such as Panasonic, Samsung, and LG Chem.

The choice to capitalize on the EV market is an effort to move away from the emission scandal. Last month, Volkswagen struck a handle the United States Justice Department and regulatory authorities who recommended a repair for more than 600,000 high-polluting diesel vehicles. With plans to open a battery factory– the German carmaker is looking to redeem its negatively impacted brand image.

Volkswagen plans to increase production of its EVs and intends to become a market leader. Stringent emission laws matched with competition in the automobile industry is pressing automobile makers to discover new technological options.

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