September 23, 2014


A camouflaged LaFerrari prototype was recently noticed at the Fiorano track providing an engine soundtrack which doesn’t seem to come from a V12 mill.

An interesting video emerged on the net couple of days ago that showed a LaFerrari wearing camo while doing some laps around Fiorano. Everything looks fine and similar until you hear the sound of the engine which most likely isn’t from the supercar’s V12. It’s also not a naturally aspirated engine as in Ferrari’s new flagship model and chances are that we are dealing with a turbo charged engine, possibly the V6 1.6-liter that is expected to power Ferrari’s 2014 Formula 1 car.

If you notice more carefully, when you pause at the 0:15 mark, you will notice the car has a roof scoop which isn’t fitted on the production LaFerrari and so this is a test mule. One thing that also needs to be noted is that before 2.4-liter V8 engines were introduced in Formula 1 in 2006, Ferrari allegedly used the Enzo to test their F1 engine so there are quite chances that they could be doing this again with a V6 turbo-powered LaFerrari.

Have a look at picture gallery.


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