September 20, 2014

2011-bmw-5-series 3

The new BMW unleashed the new 5 series full potential on track at the New Jersey Motorsports Park to ascertain how the 5 series will drive in daily life. The experienced results were most astonishing and satisfying for auto critics. The BMW manufacturers mindful of economic environment, cost trends and giving increased value of money to the buyers seem to have designed the 5 series with a determination to pass on the benefits to the buyers. Larger wheel base and sun roof has been offered on all models along with navigation.

The interior of new 5 series resembles to the 7 series in quality and comfort. Leg and head room is impressive and in no way cramped for space. All occupants of the 5 series feel comfortable with this feature. The rear wheels light up as the car is throttled through first gear. The brake system is exemplary. The Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) can be disabled while driving, but during clean driving system intervention is negligible and the system operates so craftily that it is nearly undetectable.

The 5 series maintains balanced weight across the front and rear axles. Turn in is quick, direct and balanced to perfection. Choosing between the 550i and the 535i is a difficult task. While both models are offered in a terrific 6 speed manual. 535i is a compact sports sedan, light on its feet, eager to perform and real pleasurable drive. Taking into account the initial cost savings, and improved fuel economy observed in daily driving, the 535i presents itself as a logical choice for most buyers. BMW has most certainly a winner on their hands. Continuous research work and development over the years has contributed towards the 5 series driving experience with unmatched comfort and exuded luxury not found in many similar competitive sedans.

Via: bmwblog


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