2013 Ford Taurus SHO Interior Design

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By looking at the massive size of the 2013 Taurus, you would expect to have as much room inside the car, as you would in a king-sized bed at a 5 star hotel (well, something like that, anyway). The truth is, the car has a surprising lack of interior space (and I mean that in a bad way, obviously). There are plenty of cars in inferior classes (by size) that offer just as much, or even more leg room (for example the Ford Fusion). The numbers for this car are 41.9 inches for the front passengers, and 38.1 inches for the rear passengers, and it could prove quite a problem on long drives, which shouldn’t be a case for any vehicle in this class.

Other than that, the interior doesn’t disappoint in any way. The designers opted for new seats that offer more support and are more comfortable thanks to the new foam. The pillars are now wrapped in cloth, and the center console gets a soft cover instead of the materials used in the old model. There’s also a large touchscreen with the improved MyFord Touch system. The graphics look great, and the voice control seems all right.

To sum it up, the interior isn’t amazing, but it sure can provide – especially if you consider the price to quality ratio.

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