2013 Hyundai i20 Exclusive Spy Shots (Testing Photos)

So we at Speedlux.com have managed to acquire some Spy shots of the latest Hyundai i20 2013. While other details like price, MPG, launch date etc. are yet to be revealed, we can tell you a little about the car just by looking at it.

It appears that there have been modifications indeed, since these spy shots are of a car that was heavily covered up to hide many changes it doesn’t leave much room for deciphering. However we’re pretty sure that the 2013 Hyundai i20 is definitely going to have a major overhaul in its interior as well as exterior.

The headlights and front bumper seem to be influenced by the Hyundai i40. Apart from this, the car has a slightly different shape from what we have seen in the previous Hyundai i20 models. Regardless, it is now time for you to enjoy the images! Please go through our gallery below for your viewing pleasure!

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