2017 Volkswagen WRC Polo denied from competing by FIA

2017 Volkswagen WRC Polo

Volkswagen‘s 2017 specification Polo R WRC will not be permitted to contend on the global Rally Championship, after a ruling passed by the FIA on Tuesday.

Having missed the actual January 1 due date, Volkswagen Motorsport had wanted to acquire a late homologation for the car from the governing body to permit the Polo to be utilized by private teams in the WRC.

A manufacturers’ meeting in Monaco last month raised more concerns about how such an amazing ruling could work and, regardless of a fortnight of meetings between the FIA and Volkswagen, the decision is not to permit the vehicle to be homologated.

Volkswagen Motorsport director Sven Smeets described the scenario, stating: “Following client questions, Volkswagen Motorsport asked the FIA for a waiver of the homologation of the 2017 Volkswagen Polo World Rally Car, with the purpose being to rent it out to private drivers and teams.

“It now turns out that this is not possible under the present WRC guidelines.

“We completely accept the result, but at the same time regret it in the interests of our customers. We would like to thank the FIA for the extremely useful discussions.”

Volkswagen Motorsport’s plans to supply its 2016-specification cars remain untouched by this decision.

Volkswagen hold back from the WRC at the end of last season, ending its unbroken run of world championship dominance stretching back to 2013.

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